If it’s not tested, it’s not Moventas.

All gear units serviced at Moventas Service Centers are test run prior to delivery to ensure reliable operation. Moventas field service also has the same high quality standards as the Service Centers.

All our new  gearboxes, new ones and replacements, undergo extensive test runs. Special attention is always being paid to bearing and oil temperatures, oil leakage and noise levels. 

Test field capacity

Technology Centre - Rautpohja, Jyväskylä

  • Up to 10.5 MW test field
  • A 2 MW service test field
  • A kW class bench of 850 kW

Ikola, Jyväskylä

  • Up to 3.8 MW test field
  • Climate Chamber

Huddersfield, UK

  • Up to 3.6 MW test field

Portland, OR, USA

  • Up to 2 MW service test bench

Wuppertal, Germany / Big Spring, TX, USA

  • 750 kW load test benches in Service Centers

Testing up to 10 MW

Our Technology Center in Jyväskylä, Finland, researches the dynamic behaviour of gear unit components and enables testing of a wind turbine gearbox up to ten megawatts. At the center, we can test prototype units under all load conditions to qualify their noise and vibration performance. Our engineers also perform extensive modal impact testing to ensure that resonances of a gear unit do not match the excitation frequencies of the surrounding structure or gear mesh frequencies.

The last phase in product development process is very detailed prototype test run. The Moventas design is always verified by type testing in our production facilities. Tests are conducted to improve product reliability, but also to comply with ever stricter demands from today’s wind turbine manufactures and regulatory agencies. A massive amount of testing results are compared with the simulation results, which enables even more accurate simulations.

Extreme conditions testing 

Our gear units are specifically designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. In addition to wind gears’ conventional prototype testing, Moventas provides gearbox qualification with a reliability test under severe ambient conditions in the climate chamber (-40…+80°C), on both sub-system and component levels. This includes simulation of extreme conditions as well as an accelerated endurance test at elevated loads. In addition, we run tailor-made tests based on customer requirements.