In-house design and production lead to in-depth competence.

Our strong heritage, technological know-how and unique process understanding together with customer-application competence are distinguishable characteristics for our products and services.

Our large installed base and solid track-record in anticipating and responding to customer needs demonstrate our customers’ confidence in us, being a reliable and responsive partner in wind power.

Our innovative technology for wind turbine gears is continuously developed to meet the increasing demands for reliability and low noise. Our in-house design and production, including components, combined with our in-depth product competence have led to a track record of proven technology and an installed wind gear base of some 14,000 units.

Moventas has successfully reduced the noise level of its gearboxes by improving tooth accuracy and choosing the optimal geometry and profile. Theoretical evaluation as well as on-site testing is used to eliminate any harmful resonance sounds of the structural elements. To achieve noiseless wind power, the gear unit must not vibrate. Therefore, our gear units are especially designed to prevent vibrations from passing through the gearbox fixing points to the foundation of the wind power plant.

Our  gear units are thoroughly tested in-house during the production process. We conduct a complete running-in procedure before delivery. Running-in under controlled load conditions reduces surface roughness of the teeth as well as the risk of micropitting and scuffing.

Our gear units are manufactured with state-of-the-art machine tools and equipment and the quality and environmental protection measures meet the highest standards. Moventas cooperates with leading universities and research centers and is a member of FVA, AGMA and ISO.