Product Development

The latest in simulation and modeling - for your benefit.

The latest in simulation and modeling - for your benefit.

Our product development does not only fulfill all customer requirements or standardization, but also always searches the best solution for each given challenge.

Moventas Virtual Environment

Our product development process starts with our highly automated tool MoVE (Moventas Virtual Environment) to find the gears, shafts and bearings which meet the targets customer has given on power and ratio of the gearbox. Moventas expertise is proven by reliable, lightweight and cost-effective products. The solution options of the gear layout are evaluated automatically in sense of tooth strength and bearing lifetime in order to achieve the optimum basis for the design. We follow the latest industry standards as IEC 61400 standard family and Germanischer Lloyd Guideline for the Certification of Wind Turbines(2010) and its offshore equivalent (2012).

Multi Body Simulation

In addition to strength analysis, the vibrational behavior of the turbine drivetrain is analyzed in the early phase of the design process to ensure a resonance free operation. The maximum performance of the whole turbine is guaranteed by close cooperation with the customer and consideration of all the components in the drive train, such as rotor blades, main shaft with bearings, and generator. This MBS (multi body simulation) model of the selected layout is created automatically in MoVE and variants in drive train design are easy to handle.

Optimization by modeling

When the layout of the gearbox is set the design and optimization of the main castings can start. To minimize any undesired deflections and to utilize the maximum potential of the cast components a topological optimization is performed. This is followed by detailed 3D-modelling where for example the lubrication and cooling needs are taken into account by advanced in-house calculation tool. After this a strength analysis is made for the parts in order to ensure a smooth stress distribution over the whole structure.

Final design

The main component optimization is followed by detailed gear unit design. Final design is done by considering manufacturing kindness and serviceability. The design reviews along design process help to reduce the production of distractions. Because most of the product lifecycle costs are committed at design stage it`s important to make sure that product is cost effective before manufacturing.