Manufacturing Capability

State-of-the-art production facilities with the latest testing capabilities.

Moventas' wind gear manufacturing facilities are located in Jyväskylä, central Finland, Huddersfield, United Kingdom and Portland, OR, USA.

The Finnish facilities are the heart of Moventas' wind gear technology and design and house a state-of-the-art wind gear service workshop. Our Ikola factory is ideal for MMW wind gear technology with several test benches and a climate chamber. Many say that the Ikola factory in Jyväskylä, built in 2008, is the most modern, sophisticated wind gears factory in the entire world.

The Ikola factory, Jyväskylä

  • State-of-the-art gearbox technology since 2008
  • 18,200 m2
  • Planetary Gear Manufacturing
  • Assembly of MMW Wind Gearboxes

The Rautpohja factory, Jyväskylä

  • Gearwheel manufacturing tradition since 1938
  • Wind Gear Technology Center
  • Wind Gear Component Manufacturing

The Huddersfield unit, United Kingdom

Huddersfield is an assembly facility MMW gearboxes and is also approved to repair kW and MW gears up to OEM standards. Huddersfield is also a service workshop, able to offer up-tower maintenance services, including endoscopic inspections and component replacement, along with a large stock of replacement gears.

The Portland unit, Oregon, USA

The Portland facility is an  assembly facility and service workshop. Moventas' North American network of workshops as well as technical sales and service personnel stand ready to see that your needs are met.