CoE Leadership

Lowering the cost of new energy with innovation.

Moventas has been a pioneer since the 1980’s in developing technological advances to wind gearboxes. These have improved the output of gearboxes as well as enhanced reliability whilst continually reducing weight and noise. We also help reduce LCoE with multi-brand after sales service. We are the only gearbox OEM to develop our own in-house condition management system (CMaS). We have also pioneered in up-tower repairs and can offer the broadest service in the market. This continual focus on innovation by Moventas advances the wind industry by improving its lifecycle performance.

Cost of energy leadership is the core of our technology development. We understand the urgency of the renewable energy industry's race for grid parity and have based our design on that for years.

We continually develop and introduce new technologies and methods to the market with a single objective: cost of energy leadership for our clientele. 

The newest 3MW+ product for high and medium speed drivetrains, the Exceed Series, offers the highest torque in the market. In the constant pursuit of reducing the  wind turbine mass weight, we have been the first to discover a power / density concept based on proven designs. By designing it compact and extremely lightweight, our state-of-the-art gearbox provides a reduction of tower head mass of a s much as 20% - also translating to 20% lower cost of gearbox. This can be obtained in most any of our products in 2MW and 3MW.

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