Extra Life for GE 1.5

Life-extending gearbox service for the GE 1.5 fleet.

Why Extra Life for GE 1.5?

  • Remove known premature failure modes to extend gearbox lifetime
  • Extended warranty for your fleet
  • Spot problems early on and solve them on-site
  • Save money, reduce downtime and decrease OPEX
  • The strongest and lowest total cost of ownership new replacement gearbox
  • Reliable partnership and proven quality from a gearbox OEM with 35 years of experience in wind power

Full Service Scope for GE 1.5 Fleets

  • Available for multi-brand replacements, refurbishments, up-tower services and spares
  • Complete up-tower repair capability
  • Reduced crane costs with innovative up-tower solutions
  • Main shaft repairs and modernizations
  • Upgraded, newly manufactured replacement with 5-year warranty
  • Complete ability to repair and manufacture or source any component

We have reverse engineered

  • Winergy PEAB 4410 & PEAS 4390
  • Bosch Rexroth GPV451 & GPV453
  • Eickhoff CPNHZ-195

The Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Replacement

The Extra Life for GE 1.5 Replacement is a newly manufactured replacement gearbox designed to address the failures of the gearboxes in the GE 1.5 fleet. Extra Life for GE 1.5 carries the industry’s most comprehensive 5-year warranty, and is the culmination of 35 years of wind gearbox expertise Moventas has gained from repairing nearly 500 GE 1.5 gearboxes up-tower alone. All significant failure modes are tackled with these upgrades, and 24/7 vibration and oil particle condition management is included as standard. 

Key features of the Extra Life for GE 1.5 include:

• The industry's strongest case carburized planetary stage with larger integrated planet wheel bearings
Upgraded bearings that solve the infamous white etch cracking bearing failures that plague all gearboxes
• Upgraded raw material specifications for the intermediate and high speed gearing that eliminates inclusion based failure modes of these components
Enhanced lubrication distribution and purification that ensure faster removal of more oil contaminants before they can cause damage to the gears
• The finest vibration and oil particle monitoring system available
• The industry’s most comprehensive 5-year warranty that covers both crane costs and turbine downtime

 Extra Life Replacement Payback with our Core Technologies

  • Integrated Planet Gear Bearings: 2 x L10 Bearing Life
  • Moventas Clean Steel: 100% Safety Against Tooth Flank Breakage, 1.1 x Surface Safety Increase
  • Improved Bearings: 7 x More Resistance Against WEC
  • Superfinished Gears: 1.2 x More Scuffing Safety
  • Improved Filtration: 7 x More Bearing Life
  • Case Carburized Ring Gear: 2 x The Gear Safety Factor & Wear Resistance

For more information please contact service@moventas.com or your nearest sales office!

For North America, dial 844-GEARFIX (1-844-432-7349) or email na.sales@moventas.com!