Planet Bearing Upgrade

Planet Bearing Upgrade

Double your gearbox lifetime with integrated bearings

General user experience indicates that a large population of installed wind turbine gearboxes are suffering defects and / or malfunctions in the planetary stage, either on the bearings or the gears. These defects and malfunctions in the gearbox result in unexpected, expensive service shutdowns.

Conventional practice is to repair the failed gearbox back to its original configuration without conducting root cause analysis of the failure followed up with corrective actions. This like for like repair often results in even further reduced remaining expected operational life after the service.

Moventas responded to this problem over 10 years ago with advanced and innovative design introduced through its own product range - 2-row integrated bearings. We have successfully validated this by field testing of many thousands of units ranging from 600kW up to 3MW wind turbines.

On the back of this proven success we are fully able to upgrade the existing, defective population of other brand gearboxes.

What is the integrated bearing concept ?

Moventas integrated bearing solution is a concept where the outer race of the traditional bearing is manufactured directly into the planet gear, with it’s own geometry. We use a 2-row cylindrical concept, to secure even and controlled load distribution on the bearing and eliminate the risk of ’hyperstatic load distribution. This phenomena occurs in the concepts with more than 2 roller races used per the planet gear.

Moventas integrated solution also eliminates the following phenomena occurring in other planetary bearing configurations:

- Spalling on the inner ring
- Spinning outer race
- Wearing retaining rings
- Cracking rim of the planet gear

Currently available for

• Vestas V47: Moventas PLH 3xx series
• Gamesa G47: Moventas PLH 3xx series
• GE 1.5: Winergy PEAS 4390 / PEAB 4410 Bosch GPV 451/453
• Vestas V80/90: Winergy PEAB 4435, Bosch GPV 441/442, Hansen EH802 / 804
• Vestas V90 3MW: EF 901
• Gamesa G8X: Winergy PEAB 4435, Bosch GPV 441/442, Hansen EH 802 / 804
• Siemens 2.3: Winergy PEAB 4456
• Repower MM92: Eickhoff CPNHZ 224