Spare Parts

Maximize production, revenue generation and minimize lifetime costs.

Genuine Moventas Spare Parts are of the highest quality and represent true value for money.

Moventas spare parts and accessories are designed for uncompromising  reliability. We use only the highest quality materials, and our state-of-the-art production facilities and advanced production and hardening techniques ensure minimal wear and maximize the longevity of the internal parts, thus reducing downtime.

The choice of spare parts and spare parts suppliers are understandably  influenced by financial considerations. In this context spare parts from the OEM are sometimes perceived as the expensive option. We can deliver spare parts to any Moventas gearbox, no matter when it was manufactured. Spare parts offering includes parts from single seals or bearings to complete internal gear wheel packages and external accessories like clutches, couplings, filter, coolers etc.

Lost generation can run into thousands of euros per day. Add to these losses the additional cost of new parts and service, it becomes clear that Moventas genuine, quality spare parts represent the best value for money.