Preventive Maintenance Agreements

Daily or periodic maintenance, within one agreement.

Moventas has all the maintenance services its gearboxes need.

Our goal is to ensure the best availability possible for your gearbox, with annual maintenance tailored to your needs. We offer preventive maintenance care agreements for end users for managing the condition of the gearbox and preventing unexpected shutdowns.

Real-time CMaS condition monitoring and preventive maintenance inspections in accordance with combined Moventas up-tower services keep the turbine reliability on the highest level at all times.

How about an inspection based on detailed checking list every 6 or 12 months? We will be checking the condition of gearbox parts and changing consumables. Corrective maintenance is done according to annual inspection if  the need arises. Why not complete the package with our expert services such as vibration measurements of gearboxes, JAW and pitch?