Service Agreements

Tailored service contracts and extended warranties for a peace of mind.

Maximum availability & minimum downtime with our full-scope deals.

To ensure that you can get the best out of your production machinery over the long term calls for a long-term approach to maintenance and service. This means thinking proactively across production processes’ entire lifecycle – knowing how to plan service programs and when to carry out maintenance, when to upgrade and modernize, and when to replace parts before they fail. This way, you can always stay one step ahead of any performance challenges and enjoy trouble-free operations.

For wind turbine drivetrains, we offer full scope Predictive & Preventative Maintenance. From us, you get  full service maintenance agreements, all of which can be purchased from a single location. Whether you need preventive maintenance services or a longer service agreement, leave your turbine gearbox to us - we keep it in full operation continuously.