Replacement Gearboxes

New and refurbished replacement gearboxes - See what’s available NOW!

Moventas replacements for Vestas, WinWind, RePower (Senvion), Nordex, NEG Micon, GE, Gamesa, Acciona & DeWind turbines.

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Moventas offers a comprehensive Gearbox Pool & Exchange Service or single replacements even from stock. In many cases, replacement  gearboxes are on your site within days. We also store gearboxes fully accessorized, thus minimizing turbine downtime and exchange costs. As the damaged gearbox is removed, the new  gearbox is installed using the same crane and service team.

We also accept and service gearboxes of other manufacturers. We have successfully reverse engineered, repaired, overhauled,  upgraded and supplied gearboxes from other manufacturers. In the case of a refurbished gearbox, we overhaul it to an OEM level with e.g. a change of all bearings and EVERY serviced gearbox is always test ran before delivery. All replacement gearboxes get a minimum of one year's warranty.

The benefits are clear.

  • Instant access to a new or refurbished gearbox.
  • Reduced downtime due to prolonged delivery.
  • Crane and service team only required for one site visit.
  • Single source supply and reduced risk from old damaged or contaminated accessories.

Find a replacement gearbox for your turbine model

Select the turbine manufacturer from the list below, choose the model & see which Moventas gear is used and contact us for repairs, replacements or spare parts.

A full suite of accessories is available for all models upon request and our accessorized gearboxes are delivered on a plug and play basis.

Turbine manufacturer & Model                        kW MW Moventas Gear Type               
AW 70/1500   1.5 PLH-1100
AW 70/1500   1.5 PLH-1100
AW 100/3000   3.0 PPLH-2900
AW 109/3000   3.0 PPLH-2900
AW 116/3000   3.0 PPLH-2900
D6   1.0 PLH-700
D8   2.0 PLH-1500
D8.2   2.0 PLH-1700
G42-600 Kw 600    PLH-312
G44-600 kW 600    PLH-312
G47-660 kW 660    PLH-312
G52-850 kW 850   PLH-400
G58-850 kW 850   PLH-400
G8X-2000   2.0 PLH-1400
GE 1.5S                                 1.5 PLH-1100                                              
GE 1.5SL   1.5 PLH-1100
GE 1.5SL(e)   1.5 PLH-1100
NM44/750 750   PLH-305
NM48/750 750   PLH-305
NM72c/1500   1.5 PLH-1100
S70   1.5 PLH-1100
S77   1.5 PLH-1100
MD77   1.5 PLH-1300
MM82   2.0 PLH-1700
MM92   2.0 PLH-1900
V27/V29 - 248kW 248   S2GH-451X
V42-500 kW/600 kW 600   PLH-312
V44-600 kW 600   PLH-312
V47-660 kW 660   PLH-312
V52-850 kW 850   PLH-400
V80-1.8 MW/2.0MW   1.8/2.0 PLH-1400
V90-1.8 MW/2.0 MW   1.8/2.0 PLH-1400
WWD-1   1.0 PL-540
WWD-3   3.0 PL-2400