Up-Tower Repairs

We’ll climb up when you need us.

Moventas gear experts will provide the best service on-site and up-tower.

Moventas' trained engineers and fitters are available to travel where ever, when ever, to provide onsite repair and replacement of key components using only Moventas manufactured original components or components approved by the wind turbine OEM.

Moventas expert field service offering is best in class. The extensive range of predictive & preventative maintenance regimes and up-tower repair & replacement services ensure the optimal mechanical and operating condition of the turbine drivetrain and the minimum of downtime. We can perform on-site and up-tower projects in most any circumstances on and offshore.

Mobile Service Units in North America

Moventas  offers full helical up-tower service on non-Moventas gears as well as Moventas-made gears.  Read more about our Full Helical Repairs below!