Field Service

Moventas’ expert field service is best in class.

Top-quality service work on the field including cost-effective up-tower service.

We offer services tailored to customer specific requirements to improve wind gearbox performance. Our trained engineers and technicians are able to travel where ever needed to provide vast services on your gearboxes. We have been agile in developing new services and methods based on decades of expertise in the wind service business, based on our 35 years of experience in wind gearbox manufacturing.

We perform top-quality up-tower service for both Moventas and competitor models, which is a major saving for O&Ms and hence makes wind power even more competitive than before.

Our up-tower repair & replacement services ensure the optimal mechanical and operating condition of the turbine drivetrain and the minimum of downtime.

Repairs made on the field by Moventas' field service experts ensure smooth operation of the mechanical power transmission in the future also. Our technicians, engineers and managers make sure that the repairs are made accordingly and everything is as it should before production start. This guarantees cost efficiency, effortless deployment, disturbance-free production and safe, smooth operations thanks to a scheduled maintenance plan.