Factory Service

High quality factory repair, upgrade and overhaul services for gear units and accessories.

High quality factory and service center work for 20 different turbine brands’ gearboxes.

Decades of experience

Moventas factory repair, overhaul and upgrade service processes are tried and tested with over 70 years of experience and evolution behind them. From incoming inspection of the gearbox and its component parts, refurbishment or replacement of key components, through to load testing, final assembly and return to the customer. The same processes are also applied to accessories and other associated drive-train components.

Any gearbox received by Moventas will be fully assessed and options for repair, overhaul and/or upgrade to the latest state of the art are relayed to the customer. Upon the instruction of the customer we carry out the work requested. At all Moventas Factory sites and at selected service centres load testing of the repaired gear is carried out as standard practice.

Factory Repair Levels

OEM Level

Repaired to OEM requirements:

  • New bearings
  • Tooth grinding
  • New geared components
  • Disassembly
  • Inspection
  • Assembly
  • Full Load Testing

Extra Life

35 years experience of breakthrough technologies and upgrades to remove known weaknesses:

  • Latest material specification
  • Improved cooling and lubrication
  • New bearing configuration
  • WEC resistant and integrated bearing setup
  • Integrated planet gears and wear free carburized ring wheel
  • Components  microgeometry optimization
  • Disassembly
  • Inspection
  • Assembly
  • Full Load Testing


All Moventas factory repaired, overhauled and upgraded gearboxes are subject to a warranty on repaired gears and parts. All parts used by us are Moventas’ own brand components or approved components from approved qualified manufacturers.

Moventas Factory Fitted Accessories

Gearboxes returned to Moventas can be factory fitted with some or all accessories depending on the customer’s requirement. It is now common practice do testing to a repaired or a replacement gear with factory fitted accessories and reduce the amount of work required by the customer on site.