Extra Life for Siemens 2.3

Extra Life for Siemens 2.3

Moventas’ 35-year wind industry experience and core technologies now harnessed for Siemens 2.3 fleets!

Introducing the life-extending suite of services for Siemens 2.3 Winergy 4456 fleets

Why Extra Life for Siemens 2.3?

  • Remove known premature failure modes to extend gearbox lifetime
  • Spot problems early on and solve them on-site
  • Save money, reduce downtime and decrease OPEX
  • Reliable partnership and proven quality from a gearbox OEM with 35 years of experience in wind power

Full service scope 

  • Available for multi-brand replacements, refurbishments, up-tower services and spares
  • Main shaft repairs and modernizations
  • Complete ability to repair and manufacture or source any component

Our Capability

  • We have reverse engineered the Winergy PEAB 4456 gearbox - Drawings generated for all geared and/or relative components for revisions up to .5
  • We have the complete ability to repair and manufacture or source any component
  • Up-tower capability
  • Upgrades designed and implemented to eliminate known weaknesses and extend gearbox lifetime
  • Further re-engineering projects underway in 2016-2017

Extra Life Replacement Payback with our Core Technologies

  • Integrated 2-row Planet Gear Bearings: 2 x L10 Bearing Life
  • Moventas Clean Steel: 100% Safety Against Tooth Flank Breakage, 1.1 x Surface Safety Increase
  • Superfinished Gears: 1.2 x More Scuffing Safety
  • Case Carburized Ring Gear: 2 x The Gear Safety Factor & Wear Resistance
  • Strengthened Helical Housing - Ring Gear Connection
  • Flexspider Pin for Improved Load Sharing

More Information

Watch a video of aour field service simulation of an intermediate assembly exchange @ Vimeo!

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