Extra Life for kW

Extra Life for kW

Life-extending Suite of Services for Kilowatt Fleets

Why Extra Life for kW?

  • Remove known premature failure modes to extend gearbox lifetime
  • Save money, reduce downtime and decrease OPEX
  • Spot problems early on and solve them on-site
  • Reliable partnership and proven quality with a gearbox OEM

Full Service Scope

Moventas offers a complete range of gearbox life-extending services for

  • Vestas V42, V44 and V47 fleets
  • Gamesa G42, G44 and G47 fleets
  • On Moventas, Winergy, Hansen and Bosch Rexroth gearbox fleets
  • Available for multi-brand replacements, factory service, plug & play accessories, up-tower services, spares and inspections
  • Integrated planet gear bearings for Moventas units

Extra Life Replacement for kW

The Improved Moventas Gear Unit, PLH-313 with

  • Integrated planet gear bearings
  • Case carburized parts
  • Advanced housing design
  • Advanced geared component design and manufacturing technology
  • Non-wearing seals
  • Durable surface treatment
  • Shrink disc, brake system and cooler
  • CMaS Condition Management System

Extra Life Payback with our Core Technologies

  • Improved, Integrated Planet Gear Bearings: 2 x L10 Bearing Life
  • Case Carburized Ring Gear: 2 x The Gear Safety Factor & Wear Resistance

Factory Service Levels for kW

OEM Level

Repaired to OEM requirements, New bearings, Tooth grinding, New geared components, Disassembly, Inspection, Assembly, Full Load Testing

Extra Life

35 years experience of breakthrough technologies and upgrades to remove known weaknesses. Latest material specification, Improved cooling and lubrication, New bearing configuration, WEC resistant and integrated bearing setup, Integrated planet gears and wear free carburized ring wheel, Components  microgeometry optimization, Disassembly, Inspection, Assembly, Full Load Testing 

More peace of mind with service

No product is complete without a good service plan. Read more about Moventas service options.