Always stay in touch with your gear units.

With CMaS, you can check up on your power transmission equipment anytime, anywhere.

The system’s smart software and analysis algorithms are designed for monitoring the performance of all types of gearboxes, both Moventas units and those supplied by other manufacturers.

Easy access

Thanks to its use of the CMaS MySQL based server, the system can be easily integrated into corporate intranets or extranets, matching other web-based solutions and minimizing people’s learning curve. It also means that you can log on via your mobile phone. The mobile interface is as flexible as the PC one, so you have a mobile access to even the most detailed information, such as data from individual sensors.

CMaS condition management system has been designed as a smart, compact, value-added package that monitors a range of performance parameters, stores and analyzes this data, and reports it to a remote server over the internet using a standard TCP/IP protocol (Ethernet and/or GPRS). It is up to you whether you want us to handle the data analysis and provide you with peace-of-mind reporting, or whether you prefer to take care of the analysis yourself, calling on Moventas for expert assistance when required.

Clear and user-friendly interface

The CMaS condition management system interface is straightforward and easy-to-use. The system keeps a constant online watch of customized process parameters and equipment operation. The real-time information allows seeing at a glance, which of the machine parts operates correctly and which ones do not. This allows for quick corrective action and the avoidance of additional disturbances to the production process.

CMaS provides the measurement information on three different levels. The user interface allows for different levels of information to be presented simultaneously. Displays can be tailored to each user’s needs, depending on the level of detail required.

The three different levels for information measurement and analyzing are the monitor, condition management and analytical level. To simplify maintenance management, the alarm log summarizes the status of monitored parameters.

1. Monitor level

Quick recognition of the monitored device condition status displayed by color codes. They can indicate the measured function, normal (green), monitored parameter values that have exceeded their limit value (yellow), parameter values exceeding the alarm threshold (orange) and when the damage limit threshold has been exceeded (red).

2. Condition management level

Monitoring of key parameters in graphical format for quick and simultaneous examination of equipment status. Parameters are shown as trends for the period under review. Graphical presentations can easily show when and where a change from normal operation of the equipment has occurred, but cannot facilitate finding of the real cause of theproblem in all situations.

(Examples of interface views where the background color of the diagram is color coded to indicate the condition status of the parameter. A grey background in the diagrams indicates normal performance.)

3. Analytical level

Parameter status and frequency analysis can define precisely the nature of the problem and which factors and phenomena affect it. By analyzing, for example, the frequency of the spectra and the time domain, component damage can be identified and located. The seriousness of the problem and its source can be defined and timely preventive or corrective measures taken.

Using spectra and time domain analyses, as displayed in the CMaS condition management system, enables reliable and effective analyzing of a parameter status. Spectrus, the analyzing program developed by Moventas, is an unparalleled and versatile tool for deep analysis of factors and phenomena behind the monitored parameter values.