Flexible and scalable condition managing.

Highly scalable Moventas CMaS can handle up to 200+ analog and digital sensors.

With  a flexible interface and in-built scalability, CMaS is ideal for a wide range of installations, ranging from a couple of units to a major offshore wind park featuring tens or hundreds of units, or installations across an entire region. Its sensor technology is the latest available and all key electronics and mechanical components have been developed by Moventas.

CMaS sensors monitor seven key parameters
• Temperature
• Vibration
• Load
• Pressure
• Oil condition
• Oil particle content

Other parameters can be added in line with your needs, covering even phenomena such as wind speed. The more data that can be analyzed, the more valuable the results will be. Ths kind of flexibility comes as standard with Moventas solutions.


Remote condition monitoring analysis with CMaS Portable

Portable device for monitoring and remote diagnostics of gear, motors / generators, used devices.
• Monitoring period from days to months
• Example gearbox or motor can be used in controlled way unit scheduled shutdown
• Data transfer to cloud based server via GPRS or Ethernet connection.
• Easy analysis of measuring results in web based software

CMaS Portable includes:
• Main unit
• 1-8 x 3D intelligent vibration sensors
• RPM-sensor and bracket
• GPRS and or Ethernet connection
• Solid carrying back
• Additional connections for oil analyzing unit and for temperature and pressure measurements.