CMaS Condition Management System

Out of the office? No matter where you are, everything is under control - Thanks to CMaS.

State-of-the-art system with 7 key parameters for optimal preventive maintenance.

Moventas' CMaS has been developed to monitor how the gearbox and other drivetrain components in are performing, 24/7. Even more importantly, it anticipates possible upcoming failures, responding by providing you with timely updates and alerting maintenance crews.

CMaS can do all this for one or thousands of units spread over a wide geographical area, increasing cost efficiency significantly. For end-users, it guarantees the continuity of their energy yield. For energy utilities, it transforms conventional maintenance into smart, proactive maintenance and longer, more trouble-free operations. For turbine and system suppliers, it provides a new, value-added dimension to their product offering. For industrial gear applications, the Moventas CMaS can handle a large number of different parameters from multiple measurable locations.

The system’s smart software and analysis algorithms are designed for monitoring the performance of all types of gearboxes, both Moventas units and those supplied by other manufacturers. Its sensor technology is the latest available and all key electronics and mechanical components have been developed by Moventas.

Flexible Scope

CMaS does not only come in one single scope, but you can either choose from the options below or work with us to receive a tailored package.

Scope of Installation
- Gear Unit
- Entire Drivetrain (Main Bearing, Gear Unit, Generator)

Desired Hardware
- CMaS Vibration
- CMaS Vibration & Particle Counter
- CMaS Vibration & Oil Analyzing Unit
- CMaS Pro

Desired reporting service
- CMaS 24/7 All-Inclusive Monitoring Service by Moventas Drivetrain Experts
- Includes alarm monitoring, analysis, reporting, recommendations and full customer access to data on the secure Moventas CMaS server
- CMaS 24/7 Data Access Service
- Includes full customer access to data on the secure Moventas CMaS server