Tidal & Wave

Combining our ideal wind and marine background into innovation.

With over 70 years of experience in industrial and marine gear applications and with a further 35 in wind turbine gearbox manufacture it is no surprise that Moventas is working closely with marine tidal turbine OEMs. What many people don't know is that the first gearbox we ever delivered in 1940's was a small tidal turbine gearbox that is still in operation today in eastern Finland.

Our open and innovative approach to customer needs combined with our pro-active R&D philosophy sets us apart from the competition. Our attention to detail, quality and serviceability is well known throughout industry as is our total lifecycle support services.

We design custom made tidal gearboxes according to customer needs, representing the Moventas quality and reliability that's well known in the wind industry and emphasizing easy serviceability and lifecycle care.

More peace of mind with service

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