Kilowatt Class

Classics still in production & operation.

Classics still in production & operation.

Our huge track record tells its own story about uncompromising reliability. When we say field-proven, we usually mean decades - we have been developing kilowatt class gear technology since early 80´s.

These classics are still in production, updated with the latest technology, operating in thousands of nacelles around the world and available as quality replacement gearboxes.

Key Product Benefits

  • Field-proven
  • A classic still in production
  • Wide installed base
  • Comprehensive service and replacements available
kW Class Specifications  
Weight ( kg) 3 000-7 500
Ratio 20-100
Generator rated output kW 500-950
Rotor diameter ( m) 28-76
Gearbox type Helical, Planetary-Helical


More peace of mind with service

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