Exceed Series 3+

Introducing our 3 MW+ high torque density series for outstanding performance

Highest torque carrying capacity product platform for high and medium speed drivetrains in 3 MW and up  

New design from the gearbox pioneer with 30+ years of experience in introducing innovations to the industry. Platform approach enables adaptability, scalability and cost efficiency. Every design validated by simulation and testing. Only available from Moventas.

The Exceed platform provides competitive edge by lowering the LCoE of wind turbines with

  • 20% more torque density

  • 10% smaller size

  • 100% proven technology

  • DNV GL Certified*

The Exceed prototype was tested in our facilities in Central Finland with results that exceeded our expectations. In December 2015, the Exceed completed its HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and passed it with flying colors. The HALT test is the final step before serial production. The gearbox is run to verify the computational life expectancy of 20 years.

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* Certified in January 2016, including Design assessment as well as Statement of Compliance for the Implementation of the Design Requirements in Production and Erection. The Exceed is also designed according to the IEC 61400-4 standard.

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