In-house design and production lead to value adding competence.

Lowering the cost of energy with innovation

Torque Density

Torque density is used to measure gear performance and it's also our R&D's no. 1 Key Performance Indicator. It states the level of torque one kilogram of material, used for gear unit, can carry. Lowering the mass influences also to gear dimension, so density correlates with mass. Moventas' expert gear design skills and improved materials allow higher gear torque density for new gear unit designs.

Our innovative approach to power / density is based on proven designs. By designing it compact and extremely lightweight, our state-of-the-art gearbox provides a significant reduction of tower head mass. The need for drivetrain space in the axial direction is equally reduced by the concept. All reaction forces can be transmitted to the nacelle structure in an optimal way. The concept also ensures that there is no need for separate support structures for the generator.

Our current products' torque density is at a level of 125-150 Nm/kg and we don't stop there. Our goal by 2020 is to reach 200 Nm/kg.

In-house Processes 

To ensure the highest quality and durability of gearbox components, Moventas keeps key design & manufacturing processes in-house.

  • R&D
  • Design
  • Metallurgy
  • Testing
  • Castings
  • Ring gears
  • Planet gears
  • Hollow shafts
  • High-speed shafts
  • Intermediate speed assemblies
  • Case carburizing

Heat Treament Speciality

With our 35 years of experience with wind gearboxes and weith gearbox manufacturing legacy that dates back to the 1940's, we know our heat treatment. We have found that one of the key things in lowering the O&M costs of a wind gearbox is ensuring that wearable components are correctly heat treated. Hence we know that case carburized ring gears can really make a difference.

With an installed base of 20,000, in 20 years we have not seen one failure in them. The best method with ring gears is case carburizing AND hardening, which is standard procedure with us. Here, we implement additional carbon to a very deep layer of gear material and cause of additional carbon. This way you get a hardened layer as strong as in external gears.

Why? The reason is very simple – wear resistance. Because we want to see gearboxes live longer.

Noise & Vibration

Moventas has successfully reduced the noise level of its gearboxes by improving tooth accuracy and choosing the optimal geometry and profile. Theoretical evaluation as well as on-site testing is used to eliminate any harmful resonance sounds of the structural elements. To achieve noiseless wind power, the gear unit must not vibrate. Therefore, our gear units are especially designed to prevent vibrations from passing through the gearbox fixing points to the foundation of the wind power plant.


The Moventas product portfolio is the result of proven technology including modular components for all drivetrain solutions. Moventas planetary gear consists of our special knowhow of e.g. integrated bearings, case hardened ring wheels and Flexspider technology. Our product concepts are based on approved methods of regulatory agencies.

All the gear units are verified by tests and measurements. Moventas has vast experience from prototype testing and qualification. During the last decade we have performed over one hundred modern wind turbine gear prototype test in MW class alone. Typically prototype gear units go through lifecycle and cold climate chamber tests. We also use virtual prototype environment to define drivetrain dynamics.