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Moventas Santasalo launches new generation Yankee Cylinder Drive Unit

Moventas Santasalo has developed a new gear series of Yankee cylinder drive units for tissue machines. This new series, enhancing the design layout of the Yankee cylinder drive unit, is based on a completely new technological solution to meet the requirements of today’s high-speed tissue machines. Its cost-effective and maintenance-friendly structure reduces the life-cycle costs of Yankee cylinder drive units.

The design of the new Yankee cylinder drive series is an optimal solution for production-optimized tissue machines. The unique pre-load arrangement of the main bearing is a completely new design that Moventas Santasalo has developed to optimize load distribution. This stabilizes the running of the Yankee cylinder drive unit and consequently extends bearing lifetime. Additionally, the pre-load arrangement of the main bearings is adjustable, for instance in situations when a unit is used as a spare reducer for opposite-handed tissue machines.

This new series, running with two main motors, will be available in three different sizes. All feature maintenance-free labyrinth seals. The hollow shaft inside diameter can be up to 540 mm. The forces caused by the rotary steam joint are taken into account in both possible running directions of the Yankee cylinder drive. The new symmetrical housing is modern and service-friendly, as well as easy to fit with different auxiliaries and instrumentation according to customer needs. The new Yankee cylinder drive unit can be equipped with Sunday drive in three alternative mounting arrangements.

With more than five decades of experience in supplying Yankee and TAD cylinder drives to leading tissue machine manufactures worldwide, Moventas Santasalo supplies drive units for new installations, rebuilds and modernizations of tissue machine dryer sections on a turnkey basis. The delivery includes everything from 3D layout planning, engineering and manufacturing complete with accessories to start up and customer training. Customer care is always augmented by a comprehensive range of life-cycle services. Yankee cylinder drive units and other equipment for tissue machine drives are delivered from Moventas Santasalo’s factories in Finland and China.

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