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Moventas opens North American CMaS Condition Management Center

Moventas announced today the introduction of an innovative Fixed-term CMaS Condition Management Agreement, in conjunction with the opening of the company’s new North American CMaS Condition Management Center in Chicago, Illinois.

The agreement option allows customers to secure all the benefits of the company’s advanced CMaS condition management service without any up-front capital investment. The new office works in tandem with the CMaS center in Finland, ensuring 24/7 coverage by experienced Moventas engineers in line with the 24/7 monitoring nature of the company’s CMaS service.

Designed to maximize gearbox life through the early detection of mechanical problems, CMaS provides remote real-time 24/7 monitoring of gearbox vibration, oil condition, and particle counts.  As a result, CMaS is able to catch potential problems missed by vibration analysis alone – often months in advance. Advance notice of impending problems significantly reduces damage that occurs from running the gearbox after the onset of mechanical problems and allows proactive maintenance planning.

Both CMaS Centers are staffed by highly trained engineers, who analyze condition management data, interface with customers in regard to data interpretation and event reporting, respond to CMaS alarms, and make recommendations on corrective courses of action.

The new fixed-term service agreement program has a typical term of five years and works like an operating lease, requiring no up-front capital investment. Moventas is the only condition management system provider in the wind power industry to offer both purchase and fixed-term operating lease options. The program is now available in the United States.

The service agreement includes:
• CMaS system installation
• Complete system maintenance and upkeep for the term of the agreement
• 24/7  multi-sensor monitoring
• Data analysis by expert CMaS engineers
• 72 hour first responder service

Always on the leading edge, the fixed-term service agreement is the latest innovation from Moventas designed to help owners and operators work smarter. The company is well-known as the pioneer of up-tower repair service, and recently introduced its new mobile workshops to ensure access to a clean, climate controlled work environment on-site while performing up-tower repairs.

The Chicago office, which also serves as a sales and marketing office, further underscores the company’s commitment to the North American market.

For more information please contact Moventas Vice President, Service, North America Jim Björk at tel. +1 612 963 8620 /

Brian Scorer
Senior Vice President, Service

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