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Moventas gains new competitiveness with solutions that improve the reliability of wind power plants

In co-operation with Moventas, VTT searches for new solutions to support the product development and design of gears for large wind power plants. VTT also develops the preventive condition monitoring of gears and power transmission. This improves their operational reliability and thereby provides uninterrupted energy production to their owners.

The proportion of wind power in energy production is increasing rapidly all over the world. In future, the size class of wind power plants will be remarkably larger than today, which sets new challenges for their development. Current problems related to gears and power transmission of wind power plants cause almost one third of fault time at wind power plants. Especially in marine conditions and difficult to reach mountain conditions the importance of reliability is highlighted because making repairs is challenging and slow. Therefore, new tools for design and product development are needed, as well as more reliable solutions for power transmission and gears, and means to predict faults at wind power plants.

In co-operation with Moventas, VTT develops virtual prototyping to support the design and development of gears and power transmission. In virtual prototyping product development and testing is performed on a computer screen with virtual models. This speeds up product development and reduces the need to manufacture real prototypes.

VTT also improves the reliability of wind power plant power transmission and gears by developing preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance has previously been utilized, for example, in the maintenance of machines in industrial plants.

With preventive maintenance systems it is possible to predict faults that threaten the electricity production of wind power plants and to receive advance warning about possible damage to gears. This makes it possible to take correctly timed maintenance actions and to significantly reduce the risk of serious damage and failure in electricity production.

The results of preventive maintenance systems can be illustrated on the monitoring displays of maintenance personnel. The systems estimate the probability of a production subsystem or a part to being damaged and to assess the end of its operational life.

VTT has previously conducted corresponding projects in the development of work machines, diesel motors and ship propellers. VTT now applies to the development of wind power plant gears and power transmission its knowledge of vibration management for large machines, tribology, lubrication technology, new materials, condition monitoring systems and virtual modeling.

As a result of such development work, Moventas is improving its competitiveness as the largest supplier of gears, independent of wind mill suppliers.


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