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Moventas adapts operations in Jyväskylä, aims to transfer closer to global growth areas

Personnel negotiations target to reduce 150 man-years as wind market has not recovered from the financial crisis as quickly as the industry expected. The fastest growth will in the future be in North America and Asia, where Moventas wind gear business will now also focus more and more. As a consequence, the operations in Jyväskylä are adjusted to match the market situation and demand of the future.

- Our target is to bring the personnel amount in Jyväskylä down to the level that meets the European resource needs during the next couple of years. By estimate this means cutting down 150 man-years, says Moventas CEO Jukka Jäämaa. The personnel negotiations will be used to explore opportunities and arrangements to keep the amount of redundancies on group level as small as possible.

At the moment the personnel amount in Jyväskylä is about 600. The company aims to maintain the main functions of wind gear production in Jyväskylä also in the future: R&D, key component manufacturing for the global manufacturing network and gear manufacturing for European market as a whole. Moventas has invested strongly in these functions during the past couple of years and the factories in Jyväskylä are very competitive.

Part of assembly and testing functions, however, are transferred closer to the current and new big customers in North America and Asia, where the long-term growth is estimated to be the strongest. In the growing markets the customers demand local supply chains, and Moventas has plans in place to further expand its global operations.

- First we will expand our assembly and testing capacity in USA and then in Asia.. We are also widening our global service center network. This year we have started service operations in Spain and in Australia, next locations to look at are Brazil and India, Jäämaa explains. Also the third area of operations in Moventas, industrial gears, is in steady growth.

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