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Demand in industrial investments picking up

Moventas provides mechanical drives to pulp drying machine in the USA.

Finland based power transmission provider for wind turbines, renewable energy and other industries, Moventas, will provide the whole mechanical power transmission solution to a large pulp drying machine in North America. Ahti Ahonen, responsible for Moventas' industrial gears division, says that the market has clearly picked up during the first months of this year. According to the agreement, Moventas will provide the mechanical power transmission solution to a large machine rebuild at Domtar Plymouth pulp mill in North Carolina, USA. Domtar Plymouth is transforming a fine paper machine into a pulp drying machine and Moventas will provide all mechanical components between electrical motors and rolls and plan their layout. Metso is the main supplier for the machine rebuild. For Moventas' part the cooperation has been managed in Greenville office in South-Carolina.

- There is enormous capacity of paper production in North America but not a lot of new investments during the last decades. This rebuild is a good example of investments that we expect to see more of in this market area, says Ahti Ahonen.

- Industrial investments have altogether increased during the spring. We have already agreed on several significant deliveries especially to fiber and paper but also to other industries.

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