Apr 12 2017


GE 1.5 Extra Life Gearbox Achieves 4x Life

To solve the failure modes in the gearboxes, Moventas developed upgrades for the GE 1.5 gearboxes. The Extra Life gearbox was designed for any type of gearbox being replaced to reduce future failures.

“We partnered with Sentient to use DigitalClone modeling to quantify key technology improvements made and to prove the Extra Life gearbox is the lowest lifetime cost gearbox on the market for the GE 1.5 platform. The Extra Life gearbox has a 5-year warranty and extends life by a factor of 4x”, says Simon Schmidt, SVP Strategy & Business Development at Moventas.

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Additional information: Director of Business Development Kari Huttunen at +1 (503) 477 3750 /

About Moventas

Moventas is a wind gearbox technology expert and service provider. Moventas’ technology strives for lowering the cost of energy across the lifecycle of wind energy generation, from superior gearbox design and manufacture to extensive multi-brand service for 20 different turbine brands' gearboxes globally.