Apr 05 2013


CMaS enables significant savings

One of our 2MW turbine generator bearings failed causing a critical failure of the generator, which resulted in the purchase and installation of a complete replacement generator. The cost of hiring a crane, the labour costs of a major component change team and 10 days of lost production when added to the cost of the new generator was a total of $208,700.  

Shortly after this, we experienced the same failure on a further two of our turbines. We looked for a reason for these failures and a pattern started to appear. Each of these three generators had recently had their rotor cables replaced and as a part of procedure also their NDE bearing. The Moventas CMaS team were consulted and it was decided to fit CMaS to monitor all our turbines where generator rotor cables had been replaced.

CMaS quickly picked up the very early stages of suspected bearing damage on the NDE generator bearing in another of our turbines S24. This bearing was promptly replaced in the nacelle.
The total cost of replacing the bearing up-tower, including all parts, labour and loss of production was only $3,010, which represents a saving of $205,690 or over 98% or when compared to the earlier failures.

CMaS also detected problems in two of our turbines’ gearboxes S2 & S13, that if left unchecked could result in critical failures. It was clear that the gearboxes needed to be removed for service. We were able to plan proactive replacement of the gearboxes and in doing so we estimate to have saved up to 5 weeks of downtime on turbine S2, as the work was completed before springtime road weight restrictions were imposed.

Our total savings for turbine S2 we estimate to be $37,500. We also estimate that having also changed the gearbox before critical failure in turbine S13 a further week of lost production was avoided saving us another $7500.

The total savings made because of CMaS over the three turbines alone has been $250,690 and the initial investment in CMaS for the 11 turbines at the wind farm was less than $200,000 showing  full return on investment in only a few short months.

This real-life success story is anonymous due to customer confidentiality.

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